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“COVID-19”を鑑み、入会年会費(2021年6月30日まで) が半額3,000円(税込)になるキャンペーンを実施中!

★JVSJ「お家でハモろうプロジェクト」 “コロナのせい” Blame It On the COVID19 日本語版 feat. JVSJ

When will I see you again? " THE SINGLE SINGERS UNITED" ~ global acappella community~

When will I see you again?

When we had to lock ourselves down in our homes one by one, we weren't very worried in the beginning. But the longer this lockdown went on, the more we started to wonder: when will we be able to go outside again? When will we be able to visit friends and family again? When will we be able to sing together again?So, even though we didn't sing this song in the same time or space, we still sing it together in this virtual place. Our wonderful Single Singers bass Alan Norman gathered our 50 faces and voices from 16 countries into this lovely video, in which we sing to you and express our hope to see each other again soon ❤️The Single Singers United - Emily May 't Hoen & Annemarie HomanWhen will I see you again (The Three Degrees)- arr: Hans CassaVideo & audio: Alan NormanFor high-res video, go to to Alans Vimeo channel: https://vimeo.com/423000648The Single Singers-project unites individual participants at festivals worldwide to be able to sing on stage for the occasion. Follow our Facebookpage to stay updated and to participate in one of our next offline projects.

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